Help clients understand how they can reduce debt and take control of managing their financial assets. Advanced Agent Services myDREAMwareTM helps insurance agents show their clients scenarios for debt reduction and for asset management - using their own financial information. The insurance agent can quickly and easily change any of the variables and re-run the analysis - IN MINUTES!

Help insurance agents grow their businesses effectively through serving clients better. We have helped dozens of agents enhance their businesses and reduce the time needed to discuss policy options with clients.


New service offering from Advanced Agent Services, Inc.

Over the past year we have received a lot of positive feedback about our software myDREAMwareTM, but we have also observed that it is not being used as often as we expected.

Therefore, we have designed a new service to let insurance agents easily present to their clients and prospects the kinds of analyses that help sell policies. Also, these analyses may often support writing larger policies than either the agent or the client would have thought appropriate. Finally, the analyses can illustrate how the benefits to the client can be optimized by using several policies staged over a 3 to 8 year time period.

This service will allow agents to focus on what they do best, building a relationship with clients, while relying on the experience and expertise of AAS to do analyses that present a compelling call to action for the client or prospect.

Using inputs provided by the agent utilizing the system Intake Form, AAS will run the analysis at no upfront cost to the agent. This way you will receive optimally designed policies for your clients utilizing myDREAMwareTM without having to learn all the strategies and options that are available.

AAS, Inc. offers this service on a shared basis utilizing a contract and 1099 payment invoicing at the rate of 10% of the commission an Agent receives on the initial sale and on any subsequent staged policy sales.

AAS, Inc. will deliver to you a pdf version of the analysis for you to print out and utilize during your client meeting.

We will do one (1) modification to the original analysis at no charge. Additional modifications can be done for an additional 2% points on the commission to AAS.

If you would like to have one of the AAS, Inc. staff participate via a webinar to explain the analysis to your client and be available to do real time modifications to help you close the deal, the total cost will be 30% of the commission on the initial policy and 10% on any subsequent staged policies.

Our most ardent users of myDREAMwareTM know that we typically get much larger polices than agents not using the power and precision of myDREAMwareTM so sharing in profits typically should result in larger net commissions for agents.

myDREAMwareTM rapidly analyzes the impact of various financial choices. It includes ......

Advanced Agent Services lets insurance agents and their clients rapidly explore many different scenarios for using Paid Up AdditionsRiders (PUAR) to find the best way to reduce their financial obligations and manage their financial assets.

How is myDREAMwareTM used?

Clients (or their insurance agents) quickly and easily enter the details of their financial assets and debts. This allows the analysesthat the insurance agent will prepare to correctly represent the client's situation. It takes just a few minutes to revise choices, like theorder in which debts are paid off, and then re-run the analysis. This way, the agent and the client can act as a team to find the strategythat is optimal for an individual or family.

The myDREAMwareTM financial analysis tool will provide invaluable information that can easily be tailored to the uniquesituation of each individual or family. The analysis tool can quickly explore various strategies for reducing debt and creating wealth witha sophistication, accuracy, and flexibility that is unmatched by any other current method. The services offered by AAS have been continuouslyupgraded in response to suggestions from the "early adopters". Updates continue to be rolled out periodically.

At the beginning of 2015 we added a new feature to myDREAMwareTM, the "Game Plan". This report shows clients a condensed summary,year by year for eight years, of the strategy they have chosen for managing their financial future. It is intended to make clear to clients thecommitments they will be making and can serve as documentation of their understanding of it.


myPOLICYmanagerTM can be used by insurance policy owners to ..... It includes ......

How is myPOLICYmanagerTM used?

Clients (or their insurance agents) create an account that contains the basic details for their insurance policies. Then .... This way also, the agent and the client can act as a team to find track the progress of the strategy that was established for that individual or family.


The AAS Contact ManagerTM can be used by insurance agents to ..... It includes ......

How is the AAS Contact ManagerTM used?

Insurance agents ........