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Advanced Agent Services, Inc. (AAS) is an organization committed to helping licensed life insurance agents present to their clients ways to build their personal wealth and reduce their obligations to financial institutions. AAS will also be expanding services to help streamline agent's business with system automation of relationship building, newsletters, broadcast e-mails, training, and mentoring programs.

Nicholas St Jon

Nicholas St Jon

AAS' founder, Nicholas St Jon, has over 20 years of imaginative web-based application development experience.

Having served his country in the U.S. Navy for 3 years onboard FBM nuclear submarines and 2 years on a Telemetry ship out of Cape Canaveral, Fl.

Nicholas has consulted with such companies as Mattel, Gillette, Disney, United Way, NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, Ca, as well as the governments of the City of San Luis Obispo, Ca, City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, Province of Ontario Canada, including the Insurance Industry for Healthcare, Chiropractic and Attorneys, and many small businesses utilizing the Contact Manager he designed.

Harry F. Swope III

Harry F. Swope III

AAS' Chief Operating Officer, Harry Swope, has had several decades of experience as a management and financial systems consultant. He has also held Director of IS Systems positions in several Fortune 500 companies, and has been a change management consultant for a Fortune 100 financial company for two two-year engagements.
Harry received an MBA in Finance from one of the top business schools in the nation and a BA in economics with distinction from a university rated by Forbes Magazine as one of the top universities in the U.S. He is an expert at financial analysis and complex financial data comparisons. He briefly held a license for health and life insurance in California.

Harry is also a U.S. Navy veteran, having served as the Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter Officer on a destroyer.


Includes respected members of the insurance community who are advocates of PUAR-based whole life insurance and who were early adopters of the technologies offered by AAS. They are among our biggest fans and love to share what they have learned with others.



Licensed Life Insurance Agents who sell dividend paying whole life policies issued by mutual insurance companies with the option of Paid Up Additions Riders (PUAR).and use myDREAMwareTM to illustrate the opportunities these policies offer.

Insurance Policy Holders who will use the myPOLICYmanagerTM to keep track of their financial plan and optimize it as circumstances change.



What is the history of Advanced Agent Services?

In 2013 Nicholas St Jon, President and founder of AAS learned about how insurance agents were using PUAR-based policies to help clients improve their financial situations. However, he also learned how difficult it was to present to the typical client the mathematical and financial computations necessary to make optimal use of these concepts. He knew there was a better way, and with the advice and recommendations he received from the AAS Advisory Council and others, he found it!

Advanced Agent Services' President has been in the forefront of internet software development and training for over 25 years. Considered by many to be an industry expert and "go to guy", in the past year Nicholas has personally trained many insurance agents to use our services effectively.

Convinced that some insurance agents could be inadvertently leading clients down the wrong path with certain insurance strategies, Nicholas has deepened his knowledge of the concepts that underlie our services to continually improve their accuracy and sophistication.

During this period Nicholas developed the stories, examples, and conversations that have been integrated into our training

Working directly with insurance agents also enabled Nicholas to encounter limitations of existing financial analysis tools and perceive better ways to do analyses


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