OUR MISSION: Advanced Agent Services, Inc. (AAS) is an organization committed to helping licensed insurance agents present to their clients ways to build their personal wealth and reduce their obligations to financial institutions.

BENEFITS FOR INSURANCE AGENTS: Show clients PUAR Policy results with their data Re-compute everything In MINUTES Explore numerous different scenarios - quickly On-line data entry is quick & easy Scenarios can include multiple policies - staged as needed Printout of the scenario is client specific AAS will help you structure optimal scenarios .... LEARN MORE ...

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Why Agents are using myDREAMWareTM

MORE ... AAS will provide insurance agents with unique and powerful web-based financial analysis tools, web-based business support and marketing tools, and training. The AAS marketing and "front-office" tools will allow agents to focus on developing business and achieving success by freeing them to concentrate on what they do best.

The AAS Debt Reduction Empowered Asset Management (myDREAMwareTM) financial analysis tool will provide invaluable information that can easily be tailored to the unique situation of each individual or family. What makes the this financial analysis tool unique is that in a few minutes it can generate for a relatively complex set of outstanding debts and proposed policies a well-documented illustration of the possible financial results. Then, in a few minutes more, the inputs can be changed and another set of financial results generated. All other analytical techniques that are currently available might take several hours or more to do similar analyses and they cannot match the sophistication, accuracy, and flexibility of myDREAMwareTM

The myDREAMwareTM financial analysis tool will be just the first major service, to be augmented later by other services that will enable insurance agents to become more proficient and successful in their businesses. The services offered to insurance agents and their clients will support the systematic pay-down of existing debt by providing strategies for using "Paid Up Additions Riders" on dividend paying whole life insurance policies issued by mutual life insurance companies to facilitate the process. Other options will be offered to illustrate how clients can use life insurance to manage other financial challenges faced by business owners, by high wealth individuals, and for other specific scenarios.

The myPOLICYmanagerTM is an additional feature that agents will be able to offer to their clients to allow the clients to manage their policies, policy loans, financial forecasting, and cash flow. AAS views this as a major enhancement in managing client relationships that will lead to increased client adherence to the steps necessary to make the debt reduction process work for them and will allow agents to monitor that and interact with their clients.

We believe that so far the potential for using PUAR-based insurance policies to build wealth has achieved only a fraction of what it can and should achieve. We believe that the limiting factor has been that insurance agents have had difficulty presenting the concept to prospects and clients. Some agents have mastered this and have been very successful. However, too many agents have been discouraged about their ability to make presentations or have failed to comprehend the true magnitude of the market for selling policies that make use of these principles.

AAS intends to change all that by making PUAR-based principles for debt reduction and wealth management the hottest topic in the arena of personal wealth creation. AAS intends to accomplish this by equipping agents to understand how to illustrate the power of PUAR-based principles for debt reduction and wealth management. Insurance agents will learn to use this as a superior tool for achieving unparalleled business success.

What really sets the myDREAMwareTM financial analysis tool apart is that in the limited time available to an insurance agent to make a proposal to a client, he or she can quickly develop a winning insurance plan that can make the difference between selling a policy and a missed opportunity.

Also, the formulas used in the myDREAMwareTM financial analysis tool are not prone to the many potential sources of errors that are inherent in trying to do these analyses with Excel spreadsheets or similar techniques.

At the beginning of 2015 we added a new feature to myDREAMwareTM, the "Game Plan". This report shows clients a condensed summary, year by year for eight years, of the strategy they have chosen for managing their financial future. It is intended to make clear to clients the commitments they will be making and can serve as documentation of their understanding of it.

The sophisticated capabilities of the myDREAMwareTM financial analysis tool, combined with the training and mentoring provided through AAS should give any insurance agent the confidence to present PUAR-based policies to many of their clients, not just a few! Our objective will be to help agents reach reasonable incomes more quickly.