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AAS Subscribed Agent Login Page

This is the Login Page for Subscribing Insurance Agents to the myDREAMwaretm Analysis system.
If you are looking for the Login for Insurance Policy holders to Manage their policies, loans, repayments, etc. click the Blue button labeled "Client Login".


Agent Login

Click Here to Log In


  • No mailing Intake Forms
  • No e-mailed Intake Spreadsheets
  • Full Utilization of Amortization formulas
  • Tracks Loan Limitations
  • Creates Detailed Analysis
  • Month by Month out 8 years
  • Up to 4 Policies
  • Up to 2 Mortgages
  • Up to 3 Vehicles
  • Up to 5 Credit Cards
  • Up to 4 Additional Debts
  • Vary Liquidation of Assets
  • Calculates Interest Saved
  • Set Policy Loan Repayment Interest Rate
  • Choose how to use the Misc Account fund